South Menace! A young artiest with roots from South America! With love for music like Dancehall, edm, house, moombahton & urban!
He is no stranger in the dj scene!
He has different skills and know good to go with the public! He is therefore also poplar on his regular place The Nex in Castricum!
His way of performance is unique!
The way how he describes his skills is just "self-made".
His art of action is therefore very beautiful as the audience see him spin!

Music Journey:

His father is from Aruba a small island in South America and his mother is Dutch. He was most influenced by his father who is also a musician and he began the drumming at the age of 6. He played drums until the age of 14, until he went to a boarding school for inland navigation. There he was introduced to a different kind of music called hip-hop, but specifically rap and he learned the basics of making texts in an instrumental beats. He had many different rap names but he is more than a year with the name Caesar survived and even has a few songs released.

At the age of 18 he began his journey from the DJ in the Youth Centre ' the BukBuk ' in Heiloo. Here he learned the basis of run!
This he learned of experienced DJ and was immediately in love. This began his career as a DJ!
He was soon influenced by EDM music, dance, house, urban, Latin & Reageton. Still though many flavors that attracted him in the music world!

In 2014 played on birthday parties for his friends and later, even friends of his friends. In a local bar called ' café de Scala' he played next a well-known local DJ named DJ Bullit! But still he hoped on more solo gigs! in the end of 2015 was his first gig as a Dj South Menace in the Bouna Sera Uitgeest. Where he made his first permanent place got! soon he began to fall in the audience who have never heard of him! There, he soon know that his name poplar was! He also became more and more favourite of the public!

Later in 2016, he came to run in the Mex Beachbar in Castricum! But also was more and more booked by the event organisation to Preform! So began his artist adventure as solo dj! Because he played on event where names such as Giocatori or Team Rush Hour! Also the party WKND Festival Under 18 where also great artists preformd know as SBMG, Lil Kleine, Dopebwoy!

Now South Menace is no more a Unknow name on events and he is working to the top to become a word dj!