He was born in Haarlem on the 23rd of October 1993 where he spent most of his childhood, at the age of 11 he moved to Heiloo where he till this day still lives.

At the age of 8 South Menace had a car accident
that was pretty severe and left him with a mark in his face, he was lucky to survive but will always be remembered of it when he looks in the mirror.

His father is from Aruba a small Island in South America and his mother is Dutch. He was most influenced by his father who is also a musician and at the age of 6 he started playing the drums. He played the drums till the age of 14 until he went to a boarding school for inland navigation. There he was introduced to a different kind of music called hip-hop but specifically rap and he learned the basics of making lyrics to an instrumental beat. He had many different rap names but over years he sticked with the name Caesar and even released a couple of songs.

At the age of 18 he began his DJ journey at the youth center ' the BukBuk ' in Heiloo. At the youth center he learned the basics of how to DJ from a skilled DJ and immediately fell in love. This started his career as a well-known DJ and from there on he started to build his own studio in his room under the name CLBRMEB. He is influenced by EDM music, dance, house, urban, Latin & Reageton. A DJ with a lot of flavors and skills and that is what the crowd loves the most about him. With his own label: Downsouth Family Recordz and event organization: Reyes Events

In 2014 he dj’ed at birthday parties for his friends and later even friends of his friends. In a local bar called ‘café de Scala’ he dj’ed alongside a famous local DJ called DJ Bullit but he always dreamed of going solo, so in 2015 he performed as DJ South Menace in Bouna Sera Uitgeest. Even though he was the crowds favourite DJ, he stopped working for the Bouna Sera end of 2016 and started to work for The Mex Beachbar in Castricum. Around April 2016 that time he came in contact with the company Double Dutch Dj’s, who he still often works with, and organized his first event called South Menace Takes Over which was a great success and even sold out before the party even started.


Around may 2017 he performed Back 2 Back with Neztro. He was getting better and he also get more and more attention of the public in The Mex beachbar! Where he quickly the gain respect and become favourite of the weekly public. He performed in 2 big live shows for WKND Under 18 Festival in the Temple & The Box Amsterdam.


South Menace:

With his performing skills live on stage he always manages to surprise the crowd at every show. With skills of a MC he’s not shy to grab the microphone and entertain you all night long.


Experience the vibrant and talented DJ South Menace.

Experience The Art Of South Menace